Text 21 May 1 note Backbreaker Demo

Backbreaker, the Euphoria-infused football experiment from Natural Motion and 505 Games is out in demo form tomorrow for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this game, this demo.  Unlike the jokes of demos the EA crew has released for Madden in the past few years (1-minute quarters with two selectable teams last year), the Backbreaker demo will feature three modes (Training Camp, Tackle Alley, and Exhibition) and six teams to choose from.

Here’s some info:

You have to respect how ballsy Natural Motion is being with this major demo.  For what many are guessing will be a glorified physics demo, a game demo that features all of the gameplay one can expect from the full title is risky.  They must really think their customization options are something to behold — from everything I can tell, they have a right to be excited.  I am just going to shit if this game is half as rewarding as I think it could be.

Quick shout to the fellas at Death Before Taxes (http://deathbeforetaxes.tumblr.com/).  Even though they don’t lose their minds over The National’s new album High Violet (I thoroughly recommend it), they know their stuff.  Check it out.

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